Agilitrix: How to align the culture of company to succeed

As a business owner or manager, you ask yourself, how we do things around here to succeed? It is a question of corporate culture, how we work together to achieve our goal.

Agilitrix model (based on The Reengineering Alternative book by Willian Schenider tries to answer that by looking at type of the products and services you are trying to build, and type of company being created based on that.

The model, as shown below, considers 4 types of answers to the above question:

  • We succeed by getting and keeping control
  • We succeed by working together
  • We succeed by being the best
  • We succeed by growing people who fulfill our vision


You can guess a few of examples for each of the above four types. For instance, most likely when you are in security business, having control over what needs to be done, having processes, predictability and standards are carrying a heavy weight (therefore it forms culture of the company around having control). It is vs. a usecase which teamwork, relying on trust and affiliation plays a more important role (A good example is a design company). Collaboration plays a central work in the later usecase.

As model shows, the above four questions leads to four types of culture:

  • Control
  • Collaboration
  • Competence
  • Cultivation

The two axis of an organization being People- Oriented toward Company-Oriented, and the y axis of being Reality-Oriented toward Possibility Oriented, can help to see where your company, or a team inside the company fits.

The important item is that no company or team purely falls under one of those tiles. For instance, if you are running a R&D team which assigned a task of coming up with a breakthrough innovation solution, you culture probably falls in the Collaboration and Cultivation tiles. You need to encourage team work and let your team evolve in the process to fulfill your vision. At the same time, you need some sorts of efficiency and predictability (no one can afford to continue a research project for ever and something must be achieved at the end. The point is how a cloud visualizing weight of those parameters in the model will be formed. The below chart shows it for a R&D team:

Gather your team in the room, give them post-its, and ask each one to name top 3 items they think is important for their project to succeed, and place them on the model. You will see how your team thinks about the suitable culture to be successful and how the cloud will be formed!

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