Software Development Services and Outsourcing

Silvercode Division offers software development and outsourcing services to companies and projects.

Our developers are located in Canada (Vancouver), and we have partner development resources in China and India that can be used where needed.

Combined with Silverberry Design Studio services, we provide end-to-end development services. including product concept, UX and technical design, architecture, development and deployment/delivery. We also work with internal team at your company to take the design you have in mind, and take care of building the apps.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Mobile
    • iOS, Android and Mobile Responsive
  • Client/Server
    • Java, .Net, Python
    • HTML5, H5, IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari compatible applications
  • Cloud
    • Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Rocket Space and Google Cloud
  • Database
    • SQL, MS SQL, NoSQL (Mongo DB) and more