Coaching Plans

We have created three different packages to guide you through the process to become a Data Scientist, or find the position that fits you best.  Depends on your prior experience, goals and how much guidance is needed, we advise you to select one of the following packages:


If you think to make a move to Data Science field and don't know where to start, this package is for you.

  • 60 minutes interview
  • Review of your background and goals
  • Review of available options to you
  • Feedback on resume
  • Suggestions and resources for where to start 
  • One time, $99




You have some relative experience, you are applying for Data Science position (or intend to do so), however you need to prepare for the interview, make sure your resume is properly reflecting your capabilities and experience, and have mock interview. This package includes:

  • Review of your background and goal to find the best path to move forward
  • Working closely with you to update your resume for a position to apply 
  • Mock interview and guide you through resources to prepare for the interview
  • up to 3 sessions 
  • One time, $499



This is the comprehensive package to get you going for your Data Science position:

  • Review of your background and goals
  • Review industries and branches in Data Science that fits you best
  • A mini actual data science project to be added to your resume 
  • Working with you on your resume to reflect your experience and knowledge
  • Working with you side by side for up to 3 positions to target and apply, including cover letters, mock interview and follow ups
  • One time, $1,999