Design Thinking Workshop

How to use Design Thinking for Product Innovation

This 2 days workshop is for product managers, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs who want to build new products that users love. It combines  and applies User-Centered Design, Design Thinking, and Lean Startup by using Agile Methodology to guide the process to define and build the product.

The workshop is very hands-on. Attendees group in a team and work together to throughout the entire workshop. Each attendee takes a different role to get a deep understanding of requirements and what other stakeholders expect to see. At the end of workshop, each team will go through the process of simple user research, synthesize results into  ideas, and turn those ideas into prototypes for validation.


  • User Research & Need Finding
  • Ideation and Storyboarding
  • User Lifecycle Funnel and Solution Definition
  • Assumptions Validation and Test
  • Iterative Interface Sketching
  • Product Story and Marketing


Product managers, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs


Various slides and articles along with special tools will be available to the attendees.

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