Learning in a pandemic world:

Silverberry EDU Platform

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves around us, our society is utilizing technology to safely facilitate our operations. In education, multiple tools and platforms are at work to best facilitate a positive student experience under the current circumstances. However, functioning on multiple platforms is creating new challenges for both educators and students alike.

A few common challenges currently being faced by the education system include:

  • Excessive time spent on video conferencing platforms
  • Failure to effectively engage with large groups
  • Repetition of basic tasks (scheduling, collection, submissions)
  • Irregular facilitation of feedback
  • Lack of human touch in delivery
  • Ambiguous clarification over the internet
  • Mishandling of data across platforms
  • Clutter of using different platforms

Silverberry EDU platform is an optimized E-education platform developed with a hybrid model at its core, which enables an optimal balance between online and offline interactions. With just enough features of each, the Silverberry EDU platform ensures your experience, as both educator and students, to be more convenient, efficient, and progressive.

Optimize with Silverberry EDU Platform

Enhance time management

Improve productivity

Elevate convenience

Our platform has been designed with simplicity and resourcefulness in mind. With the Silverberry EDU Platform platform, we aspire to eliminate the above-mentioned common challenges while especially focusing on eradicating the need for multiple platforms, unnecessary video conferences, and repetition. We will do this through:

Integrated Single Platform

Eradicate issues of working with multiple platforms which include the transfer of data, compatibility of systems, and unnecessary application traffic.

Predefined Programs

Designed from top to bottom to ensure schedules (sessions, assignments, peer reviews, feedback, etc.) are in a perfect balance.

Hybrid Feedback System

Semi-automation of the correction and feedback system enables educators to provide advice and suggestions in a quicker, more efficient manner.

Our Process

Optimize your institution with the Silverberry EDU platform now to ensure your educators and students can reap the benefits!

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