Silverberry Global Division provides consulting services to the companies in the following areas:

  • Start up Advisory Services
    • Silverberry Global is supporting entrepreneurs around the world to go global. Whether in Asia, Europe, North America or Africa, we connect entrepreneurs and startups to investors, partners and service providers, from legal to marketing services to go global.
    • We also provide mentorship program to the startups that have a product ready to launch and are looking for advisors and mentors to take them to next level.
  • Product and Project Management Services
    • Meeting the deadline, on-time and on budget; it is all that matter! using our extensive background in handling small and large projects, we work with you, side-by-side, to ensure your product is released per-schedule, using your existing developers and resources, fill the gaps when and where needed, to guarantee a successful delivery.
  • Business Strategy: Go-to-Market & Growth
    • You’ve hacked the code, now it’s time to hack the market! Our services includes – but not limited to – market research, product packaging, pricing, go-to-market strategy and PR/marketing, customer and user acquisition. Additional services needed to maximize your presence in the market such as web-site search optimization and App Discovery is also provided by us or our expert partners in the field.