Internship-2-Entrepreneurship Program (I2E)


Silverberry's I2E program is an opportunity for your company to select from our pool of talented young professionals who will then be able to assist you in the completion of your projects. Not only is this a great opportunity for you to engage a few extra brains to your existing team, but to also bring fresh new perspectives to your project, ease the completion of tedious tasks, foster leadership skills in current employees who will be responsible for mentoring these interns, boost cohesivity and productivity, the list goes on.

Team Acquisition

We will be responsible for creating high functioning teams with students from diverse backgrounds in order to encourage the flow of different ideas, perspectives, and approach taken towards creating from scratch the project that is assigned to the team by you. This project will be new in its nature and it will be the team's objective to bring to life its idea.

Talent Acquisition

You will be assigned an individual from our pool of candidates who will undergo a comprehensive screening process. This process will be carried out to make sure that you get participants with the right skills, mindset, and work ethic to best compliment your workspace. This talent will be responsible for working and optimizing an already existing project.

Depending on your project needs, we have many capable candidates that will help your company advance while you help nurture and grow these young adults. Our I2E Program is designed to deliver value to firms of all sizes!

How it works?

You as a company can apply to our I2E Program requesting assistance with a project that already exists or with a project that you may want to establish. Based on your necessity, we will then assign teams or individuals to your project who will then be under your wing for the duration of the internship.

Our teams aren't like standard "accelerator" teams. What makes the I2E Program unique is how we curate talents and skills from various different backgrounds to create diverse teams. We believe that a vibrant mix of skillsets is what enables teams to overcome any challenges that you may face in today's market conditions.

Every intern that participates in our I2E Program will have to meet certain learning objectives by the end of their term. These learning objectives include

  1. Building a thorough understanding of the scientific product design and development cycle
  2. Developing a working knowledge of practical and transferrable entrepreneurial skills

In order to meet these learning objectives for our interns, we will be working hand in hand with you to effectively deliver these learnings in a proactive manner over the duration of the internship.


In order to participate in the I2E Program as a company, your project and the position involved for students need to be of a certain nature:

  1. The project needs to be scientific in nature with aspects of innovation integrated into its objectives.
  2. Resources must be assigned towards making sure the intern is mentored and guided through the period of this internship.
  3. Your company will cover a portion of the intern's salary.

Note: If you are employing students from Canadian universities, then you may be eligible to get your intern's salary subsidized (up to 50%) by the government under the MITACS program.

Supporting our young talent together!