Internship-2-Entrepreneurship Program (I2E)


Silverberry's I2E is a scientific product design and development program created to provide you with expert guidance, exposure, and compensations, in order to help nurture and grow your skills and ideas into industry-leading solutions.

If any of these questions have ever crossed your mind:

  • How can I develop more skills to be ready for the workplace?
  • How do I gain experience before I graduate?
  • Are my current skills transferable?
  • How do I learn to apply what I've learned in school?
  • What if I'm not sure about my career path of choice?
  • I want to start my own venture someday, how do I?
  • How can I learn a little about everything in a company?

then you already possess the curiosity and passion to develop yourself, and that is the secret ingredient to our I2E program!

At Core: Diversity & Inclusion

When you think of the word "accelerator", it may seem as if this program was built for individuals in specific 'high-tech' fields, however, we are the exact opposite of that as what makes the I2E Program unique is how we curate talents and skills from various different backgrounds to create diverse teams.

"We believe that a vibrant mix of skillsets is what enables teams to overcome any challenges that you may face in today's market conditions."

We also believe that each student can gain immensely from inculcating entrepreneurial skills into their everyday lives in order to better transform ideas into innovative solutions, and the I2E Program has been designed to bolster your journey in doing exactly that.

How it works?

Every intern that participates in our I2E Program will have to meet certain learning objectives by the end of their term. These learning objectives include

  1. Building a thorough understanding of the scientific product design and development cycle
  2. Developing a working knowledge of practical and transferrable entrepreneurial skills

In order to meet these learning objectives for our interns, we will effectively utilize our P3 model to best use each partner's expertise.

Our participating industry partners, university coaches, and professors are responsible for mentoring, advising, and guiding, you to the best of their abilities, while also enabling you with the tools necessary for sustaining your development.

Our public partners are responsible for accommodating the administrative support necessary for successfully running the I2E Program for you, while also being the source of the competitive compensations that will be provided to you. We believe that your work with us is on par with the innovation in the industry, and hence you should be compensated for the same.

Peers will be divided into 2 types of projects:

Team Project

Under the I2E program's team project, you will form a team from scratch, work on a new concept, go through the full cycle of product development, launch it as a product, and manage your start-up with your team.

If your start-up launches and reaches the commercializing stage successfully, then there may also be an opportunity for us and our partners to invest funds into your start-up!

Individual Project

Under the I2E program's individual project, you will be placed into an existing project with our private partners where you will also go through the full cycle of concept design, developing and fine-tuning your product, facilitating a smooth launch of your product, and management.

The only difference here in comparison to the team project is that you will receive 1-on-1 guidance with your project supervisor throughout the term of your internship, and he will be co-responsible for you to meet your learning objectives.

Product Innovation Through Design Thinking

On joining our I2E program, you will also be enrolled in a design thinking workshop over the period of your internship as this will help integrate the foundation of science and rationality into your project development. The purpose of design thinking is to create plans and solutions with a very holistic and empathetic approach in learning what the problems are and how it affects humans. We want you to embody this empathetic thinking as you proceed with your projects as it'll help you understand your audience better, design your product with no loose ends, and finally, deliver a final outcome that addresses human needs in a well-rounded manner.

A Complete Program

First-hand Experience

Working in our professional spaces will not only help you grow confidence in your abilities, streamline your work ethic, and smoothen your transition into your professional career, but also help you apply your knowledge and skills in a way that create visible value.

Paid Internship

We offer compensations that will keep you in the professional headspace required to go to work every day and deliver your worth. If you're a Canadian student, you're eligible for the MITACS internship funding which is being facilitated through our partnership with MITACS.

Entrepreneurship Exposure

In the duration of the I2E program, your learning experience will revolve around mastering foundational entrepreneurial skills to successfully operate in many different divisions of your project. You will also have the opportunity to interact with industry leaders and learn from their first-hand experiences.

We want innovators, creative thinkers, problem solvers!