Internship-2-Entrepreneurship Program (I2E)

Whether you are a student looking for an opportunity to gain hands-on experience or professional thinking of a career transition, 

the I2E program is for you.

What is I2E?

I2E provides internship opportunities with the goal of opening doors to entrepreneurship.

While internship at companies usually means joining an existing team, taking on some tasks, and be part of a team to deliver projects or products, in I2E model, you form a team from scratch, work on a new concept, go through the full cycle of building and launching it as a product. In the process, you will receive advice and mentorship along with access to tools and support to achieve your goal.

I2E Secret Sauce: P3 Model

Well, after you read this line, it won’t be as much of a secret, and we are happy to share it with you, to use it and pass it on!

While accelerators are a great engine of innovation, the downside of them is that you need to have an idea, form a team, make a proof of concept, even most importantly show some traction to be able to join and enjoy the support they provide to you.


In I2E, we are with you from the beginning. We believe the most important part of the journey is to find the Peers who can team up with you to work on your next great idea. Additionally, bringing the minimum resources that you need to fast track building your idea plays a crucial role. We address it by bringing two other Ps to the picture: Public and Private entities. We call this P3 model.

P3 Models creates collaboration among public entities (governments, universities, NGOs), private entities (companies, industry) and peers (individuals who are seeking entrepreneurship and self-employment employment in a transition).

I2E Stakeholders


Universities and colleges, with the mission of creating more employment and education opportunities for their students


Individuals seeking internship opportunities to develop entrepreneurial skills and open doors to self-employment


Companies looking to adopt talented individuals to bolster their project with the latest industry practices

Hackathons are in the heart of I2E Process

Silverberry has ran hackathons and teams build an application within 24-48 hours. We leverage an experience that determines motivated candidates. Winners will be selected to form their companies and receive the fund/support.

We utilize hackathons to form teams and spark ideas. Each hackathon has a technology platform sponsor that makes it available to the participants to build for the platform.

By providing education about the platform, providing data-sets and providing some initial ideas, we fast track building teams with different skills (Peer matching) and let participants go through compact training in a short period of time.

We have done it and it worked! Contact us to learn how.

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