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Continue to empower research and innovation advancement for future generations. Provide access to meaningful internship opportunities for students.


 • Continue to empower research and innovation in product development 

 • Focus on science and technology advancement for future generations

 • Establish a program and collaborate to support a new initiative

Expectations + Benefits

About Silverberry Genomix

Silverberry Genomix is a leading digital health platform that utilizes AI and machine learning to provide personalized assessments and recommendations to optimize health and wellness plans.

Silverberry Start-Up Studio

We are unique in that we leverage Silverberry Genomix’s subscription base and data-driven consumer solutions to share with potential startups from Seed to Series A.

Several start-ups with Silverberry have developed strong go-to market strategies and gained traction with users.

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Provide Early Talent Acquisition

Implement Career Coaching Programs

Provide Connection to Professors, Industry Professionals and Innovation Hubs

Plan and Roles

Introduce 500 Peers Over Five Years (100 per year)

• Three teams per cohort every four months

• Teams of 3-5

• Each team receives $10k per member ($30k in Average)

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